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    When treating your BU bundles, we recommend that you treat your new investment as you would you own hair. Make sure you use products that will moisturize your extensions to ensure longevity. Avoid too much hair spray or products containing alcohol, as these can lead to the hair being dry and brittle. If swimming be sure to use a   clarifying shampoo to remove the chlorine before proceeding with the hydrating shampoo. Always detangle the hair with a wide tooth comb or a wig brush starting at the ends of the hair and working you way up.


    When heat styling your new bundles use a weightless heat protectant. Remember this hair is no longer growing from a scalp, so the nutrients it would normally receive through your dieting is nonexistent. Argan oil and jojoba oil are perfect to use being that they are the closet to the oils our own scalps produce on its own. Therefore, it’s imperative that you always use hydrating products to care for your extensions.

    Do's and Don'ts

    – Before installing your virgin hair, conditioner wash (co-wash) hair first with a moisturizing conditioner like Organix Moroccan Argan Oil conditioner.

    – Brush and detangle your hair prior to washing with paddle brush or wide-tooth comb.

    – Do not cut the wefts or tracks of your virgin hair. This will cause shedding. Your stylist should use the fold over method to install the hair. If the wefts must be cut please seal with weft sealant prior to installing.

    – Co-wash hair at least once a week. Do not over shampoo your hair, this will cause dryness. Shampoo 1-2 times a month. If your hair feels heavy or oily please use a clarifying shampoo.

    – Prior to bedtime, wrap, braid, plait, pin curl or roller set your hair and use a satin/silk cap or scarf.

    – Prior to going swimming wash and leave the conditioner on your hair. This will help prevent the salt water and chlorine from drying out your extensions.

    – If you bleach, tint, perm, or use extreme heat on hair you risk drying out your hair extensions. This might cause your hair to shed and tangle. We cannot guarantee the longevity of any hair that has been processed or chemically treated. Deep condition hair after chemically treating hair.

    – If you notice your hair is starting to get dry, sheds, damaged, or tangles, use silicon mix to deep condition the hair. After washing hair – Saturate and let silicon mix sit in hair for 1 hour or more. For super deep conditioning, place hair in zip lock bag then microwave for 60 seconds. Let hair sit in bag for 1 hour or more. Wash out thoroughly with lukewarm water.

     -Deep Conditioner  using Silicon Mix

    -Weft Sealant – Minimize shedding by sealing your weft with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. There are many YouTube tutorials on how to use this method correctly.  Aleene’s Fabric Fusion can be purchase at Walmart, Michael’s, or any fabric store.



    For color or any other chemical treatments to alter the hairs natural state please consult a licensed professional.