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    Dear Sisters,

    Since a young age, I have always had a dream of not only owning a salon, but to be able to use my platform to inspire other women to follow their dreams. I attended Beauty school as a full-time Master of Cosmetology student I began to develop my craft. While in school, I attended many classes on both beauty, and business, working to perfect my God-given talents. I opened Beauty Unleashed Salon with the desire to create a salon environment that is chic, professional, and encourages women to embrace the beauty in not just their individuality, but in unity as well.

     Beauty Unleashed is so much more than hair. When I decided on the name for the salon it was something that I felt represented not only me and my journey, but the journey, and the triumph for all women overcoming themselves, and the limitations that’s been placed on them by their environment. It’s the awaking that releases us from these restraints dictating who we are, to make us yearn for that validation. It’s the women whose found her light within herself and found the ultimate freedom. I used to wonder why I had to endure some of the trials I had to face to get to the point of introspection. I realize now that I couldn’t be a light to you until I found my own. Having been gifted with the opportunity to be in a position to meet so many amazing women whom are all so different yet have so much in common brought me so much clarity.There is so much beauty in unity. If one wins, we all win. My ultimate goal is to ignite a flame in each woman I touch th My goal is to not just mask the external, but to aide in transforming the internal My goal is to not just mask the external, but to aide in transforming the internal. Today, I challenge you to take the first step to find your beauty. The day you unleash it is when you will truly begin to live.

    I can’t wait to meet you! Stay tuned, this is only the beginning.


    Love & Light,

    Jessica Renee

    Jessica Renee-Owner of Beauty Unleashed Salon