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    Fall Skin Care Regimens for Flawless Skin

    Fall Skin Care Regimens for Flawless Skin
    Depending on what your skin is telling you, you may want to increase or decrease how often you do each of these steps each week. If you find that you’re a person who is affected by the changes in weather, watching the forecast and planning your routine around those changes could offer the best skin results.

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    Virgin Hair Care Tips for Beginners

    Virgin Hair Care Tips for Beginners

    Today premium, virgin extensions are considered quite an investment versus disposable packaged hair. With checkout totals ranging anywhere between $300-$700, clients expect superb hair that will last longer than three months. On average, quality extensions can endure up to a year's worth of wear whether dyed, straighten or worn in its natural state.

    For newbies in the game who are diving into weave-ology, knowing how to properly care for virgin hair extensions are vital in mastering versatile looking styles.

    Try Before You Buy

    As an inexperienced weave wearer, you always want to be careful when purchasing your hair extensions for the very first time. If you are unfamiliar with the texture, style, or length of hair, consult with a local stylist who specializes in installing virgin hair. Scheduling an in-person consultation will lessen your chances of being unhappy once your hair arrives.

    Lifestyle Routine

    Is your school/work schedule jam-packed? Traveling arrangments to consider? Then you may want to hold off on getting a weave installed. It takes time and effort when styling extensions and if you're a virgin hair beginner, you'll need the time placed aside to maintain your new do.

    Mixing it Up

    After consulting with a licensed cosmetologist, you may find it suitable to mix textures if you are unsure of your natural hair type. Both Indian Curly and Brazilian virgin hair textures are well matched amongst our African American clientele. However, there are many different types of hair to choose from for a perfect match.

    Clean & Condition

    Washing your weave is the main ingredient for having a fresh style for weeks to come. Try using a dry shampoo and a deep conditioner in between touch ups for added shine.

    Less is More

    Where styling is concerned, the fewer products you use on premium virgin hair the better. If you are accustomed to pre-packaged hair, then you know that you'll need a lot more products to get the desired look. This is not the case with high-quality extensions. A simple flat iron and light holding spray for curls will do the trick.

    Delicate Detangling

    Treat your newly flowing extensions as if it were the hair growing from your scalp. You don't want to be harsh or mistreat the hair by pulling, tugging, and brushing the hair out of its track. The same way you care for your natural hair is the same way you want to do with premium hair.


    Don't let the thought of unprocessed hair turn you off from trying something new! With a little bit of TLC, your virgin hair will last well beyond its expiration date!

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    Back to School: Black Hair Edition

    Back to School: Black Hair Edition
    A successful hair care regimen for the new year is one that is practical for both home and school life, as well as a new, do that promotes enriched hair care practices.

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    We Are Live

    We Are Live

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